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Latest from the Blog

My first trimester

Am so happy to get to write this. I began this blog before I even became expectant by faith that one day I’d be a mom. The journey has just began. My first weeks have been pretty much normal as most women. I have experienced excess fatigue, to some point I was wondering to myself…

Corporal Punishment

In Kenya the corporal punishment has been returned back to school, after great unrest in schools. My opinion on corporal punishment is okay if only it’s done right. The Bible says spare the rod spoil the child. We punish a child because we love them so much that we want them to grow up to…

Do you know your child?

Last Sunday, during the Sunday school session, as usual I allowed every child to tell us how their week has been. I take this opportunity to know each child individually, by asking questions, celebrating them, learning the challenges they are facing in school etc. During that time one of the boys, stated that he was…

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