My first trimester

Am so happy to get to write this. I began this blog before I even became expectant by faith that one day I’d be a mom. The journey has just began.

My first weeks have been pretty much normal as most women. I have experienced excess fatigue, to some point I was wondering to myself whether it was just my pregnancy or I had started being lazy. Then the nagging nausea, meeen this nausea thing is no joke, I hate it. I vomited twice at work and I bet that’s how the good news I was trying to hide was getting known.

As my first trimester was coming to an end I had some spotting and as a new mum I decided to go to hospital just to be sure it was normal like the internet blogs said. Only for me to be taken through some emergency scan and tests. Well I was told everything was okay. However the next day I bet I stood longer than usual, because when it was time to go home I realized I was not spotting but actually bleeding I was so scared I remember tears flowing down my cheeks. The doctor advised me to be on bed rest, which I now am. Then in the boredom of lying down the whole day I just remembered I have a blog.

Well what I have realized is the need to have someone who’s gone through pregnancy to talk to. In my case I talk to my mum because we’re kinda close, and she advised me to be taking bread first thing in the morning which has really helped ease the nausea in the morning. This is not scientifically proven but you could give it a try. On the bed rest it was encouraging for her to tell me that she also went through bed rest for weeks when she was expecting me. So I have realized it’s normal and she also made me realize the seriousness of following the doctor’s instructions. Well am glad that we’re now doing quite well, and I’ll be off the bed rest in two days. Trusting that this journey will be amazing.

Published by Chronicles of motherhood

I am a wife, who believes that motherhood is a gift. This blog is meant to Record the day to day experiences, events, and memories of my own life, and other mothers.

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