Mummy is home

I was remembering how as a child I would always look forward to the time mum would show up at the gate. I’d run and be carried in her strong arms. At the times when I’d be very hungry I knew the moment would get into the kitchen I’d be sorted. I still don’t knowContinue reading “Mummy is home”

Mother’s preschool

Afew months after I got married, I started realizing that motherhood was knocking. The reality that mothers don’t learn before the job but during the job heat home. I just started thinking as much as people say marriage is the school that one gets a certificate before they start, ├átleast before marriage people have premaritalContinue reading “Mother’s preschool”

Mothers – Pray

I recently attended a friend’s graduation, and one lady mentioned that the mother of the graduand had been praying for them since birth abd she would still continue praying. I then realized that as mothers standing in the gap for out children continues for the rest of our lives. My sister in law once toldContinue reading “Mothers – Pray”


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