Do you know your child?

Last Sunday, during the Sunday school session, as usual I allowed every child to tell us how their week has been. I take this opportunity to know each child individually, by asking questions, celebrating them, learning the challenges they are facing in school etc. During that time one of the boys, stated that he was considering pretending that he was sick, because he didn’t want to face a punishment he felt was unbearable and that it was unfairly given to him. As usual I needed to know more details, so I asked him whether he had told his mum. He stated that he couldn’t tell his mum, because they’re not allowed to tell parents the things that happen in school. The class unanimously agreed that they are not supposed to tell parents what goes on in school.

Coincidentally, yesterday I saw a video on social media, of a boy, probably age 14 or 15, being bitten mercilessly by around four make teachers. I imagined that chances are the boy may never tell his parents the tougher he’s getting in school. If a child can hide as punishment, how much more can they hide sex harassment? Bullying? Emotional touchier?

This two instances made me wonder, is it really okay foe teachers to tell children not to be open with their parents? Well, as for me I feel it is wrong. On the other hand as a parent since the damage might already have been done, and our children are probably hiding their pain from us, what can we do?

Can a child trust me and you, so much that regardless of what other people tell them, they have the courage to be open with us? I know we are busy looking for money, but can we find ways to reach out to these children? Understand what your child is feeling, get to their level and try to understand their way of reasoning before trying to prove how they are wrong. As a parent think about it. Analyze how much you know about your child, then reach put and get facts. Sometimes we think our children are angels until they do something really terrible out their and we can’t tell when and how they changed. Do not be satisfied with am okay, try to dig deeper into your child’s soul.

My challenge to us is that we do our part. Find ways to get into the heart

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I am a wife, who believes that motherhood is a gift. This blog is meant to Record the day to day experiences, events, and memories of my own life, and other mothers.

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